BonelliErede continues its commitment to environmental mitigation by contributing to the reforestation of the Paneveggio Natural Park
4 November 2022

BonelliErede and Magnetic Media Network S.p.A., in collaboration with Rete Clima and the Autonomous Province of Trento, came together to plant 150 trees in the Paneveggio Natural Park, a protected area heavily damaged by Storm Adrian in 2018.

This planting follows in the footsteps of the 400 trees planted in Cormano – a suburb of Milan’s Parco Nord – in October 2021 to offset the damage caused by Storm Vaia and is proof that BonelliErede’s commitment to the environment is as steadfast as ever.

The planting of new trees contributes to offsetting the new iPhone park’s carbon footprint, with a view to obtaining Verra-issued VCS certificates. And BonelliErede now uses 100% recycled plastic iPhone cases, thus furthering its dedication to sustainability.

But the Paneveggio Natural Park initiative goes beyond reforestation: it was developed also to increase social awareness and provide an important team-building opportunity.

Some volunteers from BonelliErede went to Val di Fiemme to plant 150 specimens of spruce, larch and other less common varieties, thus lending concrete support to the reforestation and protecting the forests.

The newly planted trees will be regularly maintained and will soon have small mesh fences installed around them or be treated with game repellent to ensure protection from animals such as deer and roe deer.

Through the Paneveggio Natural Park reforestation initiative, BonelliErede wishes to return an important heritage to its past glory days by contributing to its regeneration. And in doing so, the firm is also forging ahead with its goal to increasing awareness of sustainability and environmental issues – a goal its people wholeheartedly share – by committing itself to concrete actions that offset the impact generated by day-to-day activities.