BonelliErede adapts its governance structure to face new challenges
3 December 2018

BonelliErede’s partners met on Saturday, 1 December, to discuss some important aspects concerning the governance structure of the firm, which is the leader in Italy for legal and tax services.
Board members Stefano Cacchi Pessani, Marcello Giustiniani, Umberto Nicodano, Alberto Saravalle and Stefano Simontacchi are now joined by Andrea Carta Mantiglia and Emanuela Da Rin.
Stefano Simontacchi was elected President. In addition to his new role, he will continue to personally manage the business development strategy of the firm for Italy and abroad, as well as corporate communications.
The new challenges and the ever increasing organisational complexity motivated the board’s decision to entrust two board members with particular management responsibilities: Marcello will focus on innovation, the exploitation of AI and the development of beLab; Andrea will manage the professionals, including partners.
Stefano Simontacchi commented, “Over the past six years we have successfully completed numerous projects that have enabled the firm to maintain its pole position in Italy and to increase our international footprint, including in Africa and the Middle East”. He went on to add, “We are united in our desire and determination to continue to pursue the strategic goals we have set for ourselves. Together we will be able to accomplish much more, following the purpose that guides our actions, allows us to overcome challenges, and positions us at the forefront of the legal profession”.
The term of the offices are 1 December 2018–May 2021.