The Buzzi Foundation
Good health and well-being

The Buzzi Foundation was set up back in 1970 to support the Vittore Buzzi children’s hospital in Milan, its mission being to ease the suffering of poorly children and allow them to dream. To make their stay as comfortable as possible, the hospital has bright, colourful rooms and child-friendly diagnostic methods. The best scientific research and the latest treatments are guaranteed thanks to the hospital’s cutting-edge technology.

We have been supporting the foundation, including with its ambitious plan to build a new, avant-garde hospital to boost capacity to manage emergencies, diagnostics and inpatient care to ensure that more complex illnesses are treated fast. The hospital is already considered a landmark in paediatrics, and with the new facilities is set to become one of the main international hubs for paediatric medicine and a centre of excellence in medicine and healthcare.


The Covid-19 emergency

A major challenge faced by all hospitals has been procuring medical supplies. By joining forces with the Buzzi Foundation, we were able act quickly and help greatly – with the “Donate double” campaign.

The joint task force set to work at once to build a network of medical equipment providers, with donations being used to purchase or guarantee payment of essential supplies for hospitals throughout the country (which will ultimately be donated to the new hospital).

Our professionals focused on the legal, negotiation and logistical aspects, and we also persuaded a number of our own influential contacts to come on board.

The Financial Times commends the initiative in its Innovative Lawyers 2020 report, “Responding to Covid-19”.

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