Sustainable cities and communities

Like all big organisations, we at BonelliErede have a responsibility to conduct our business ethically, starting with our own offices and consumption.

We started by making small changes to create a greener workplace: recycling bins, biodegradable coffee cups, water bottles instead of plastic cups, and much more.

We also encourage our people across Europe, Africa and the Middle East to support sustainability-related initiatives.


Supporting the environment

BonelliErede, Magnetic Media Network (MMN) and Xerox, in collaboration with Rete Clima, came together in October 2021 to plant 400 trees in Cormano, a suburb of Milan.

The project was the final step in the process of updating our printers and entailed concrete actions to raise social awareness about the environment. Under the guidance of Rete Clima’s experts, our people helped to carry out local reforestation to offset carbon emissions.

In 2022, BonelliErede began using recycled paper. Thanks to the updated printers in our offices and the gradual introduction of 100% green paper, we continue to pursue our goal of being more sustainable and respectful of the planet.


BonelliErede adopts a beehive

To celebrate World Earth Day 2021, we adopted a beehive at the Apicoltura Costenaro G&C SNC farm in the province of Como.

Bees are indispensable to safeguarding nature, as the pollination they ensure helps maintain the planet’s biodiversity. Through this initiative, we aimed to protect the natural process bees play a fundamental role in and guarantee that it continues uninterrupted.

As many studies have recently shown, bees are endangered by human action and at a real risk of becoming extinct over the next 50 years. So we have chosen to take concrete action that at the same time has great symbolic meaning: within a year, our adopted beehive will protect approx. 60 k bees, guarantee that approx. 60 m flowers are pollinated, and indirectly abate approx. 300 kg of CO2.


The M’illumino di Meno initiative

In 2021, we joined the 17th edition of M’illumino di Meno Italy’s national energy savings and sustainable lifestyles day, launched by Rai Radio 2 in 2005.

We involved our over 750 people across EMEA in the initiative and showed our support by turning off all the lights at our offices for 15 minutes – and all those still working from home were invited to do the same.

The 2021 edition was dedicated to the ‘evolutionary leap’ everyone – both adults and children – must make in their lifestyle choices to help the environment and come out of the pandemic better people.


BonelliErede on two wheels: the “Bonelline”

Speed, exercise and reduced emissions are just some of the benefits that our branded bikes – the “Bonelline” – bring to our everyday lives.

The bikes have been made available to our people at our main Italian offices to limit the use of cars and motorbikes: a small action to reduce traffic and pollution in cities.