Associazione CAF
No poverty

CAF is a charity that gives children and young adults who have suffered serious trauma in the family a safe and loving place to heal and the support needed to grow strong again.

Our support to CAF helps advance the great work of its dedicated band of volunteers who welcome in their young guests with warm open arms and help them start anew.

We have had a volunteering programme in place in the firm and been doing pro bono work to help CAF manage the myriad of legal and tax aspects with maximum efficiency.

And every month people throughout the firm enthusiastically rally to respond to the charity’s call for basic commodities needed by their young clients – by filling the collection boxes we place across our offices with in-kind donations.

We also get fully involved in CAF’s varied fund-raising efforts (from sports to seasonal events) and do all we can to raise awareness both internally and with all our contacts.

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