Italy’s Green New Deal – the SACE green guarantees – new investment opportunities for Italian companies
2 February 2021

SACE has taken on a new role in Italy’s Green New Deal, and the very end of December 2020 – just six months after its introduction – saw the execution of the first green loan agreement with a SACE green guarantee.

This new responsible investment instrument provides fundamental support in the transition towards a sustainable economy and opens up new strategic prospects for Italian companies, which can drive this transition by making stable, sustainable, long-term investments – and contain financing costs thanks to the public support from SACE.

The guarantee is available for all projects that facilitate the transition towards a clean and circular economy, that integrate production cycles with low-emission technology to produce sustainable goods and services, or that accelerate the transition towards sustainable and smart mobility.

But what requirements does a project have to fulfil?

Our Banking and finance Practice gives a full breakdown here.