A new IMI2 call (JU Call 21) for the development of therapeutics and diagnostics to combat coronavirus infections da coronavirus
March 6, 2020

The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) recently declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

European institutions are thus pulling out the stops to gain a greater understanding of the virus, above all to help develop clinical and public health measures to improve patient health and contain the spread of COVID-19.

In fact, the European Commission is providing funding of up to EUR 45 m for the Innovative Medicines Initiative’s fast track call for research proposals in response to the spread of COVID-19. The main aim is to contribute to effective patient management and to boost public resources to counter current and future outbreaks.

So what are the requirements to be the eligible to participate in the call?

Our Healthcare and Life Sciences Focus Team, in collaboration with the Task Force created for COVID-19 emergency, explains everything here.