Marta Contu


+39 06 845511

Main office: Rome


  • Competition/antitrust, with particular expertise in:
    • anti-competitive agreements
    • abuse of dominant position
    • abuse of economic dependence
    • merger control
    • unfair trading practices
    • action for damages deriving from antitrust offences
    • adjustment
    • antitrust compliance programs
  • Key sectors:
    • telecommunications
    • energy
    • banking
    • insurance
    • postal
    • fashion, luxury goods and design
    • transport
    • sport and leisure
  • Foreign languages: English


  • Joined the firm in 2013
  • Seconded to a leading telecommunications company in 2019


  • Member of the Italian Bar
  • Law degree from LUISS University of Rome (2013)

Knowledge Sharing

The latest developments in the Ethiopian banking industry

The latest Council of Ministers meeting earlier this month approved the long-awaited policy that allows foreign investors to invest in the Ethiopian banking industry. Given that foreign banks stopped operating in Ethiopia when the Derg took power, the opening-up of the banking industry is ex …

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Spotlight on IP – Trademark protection in Ethiopia

Recent liberalisation initiatives by the Ethiopian government have attracted interest from local and foreign businesses: the consequent growth of Ethiopia’s market underlines how important it is to protect intangible assets as much as others. Since the introduction of the Commercial Code i …

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The new Ethiopian Arbitration and Conciliation Working Procedure under Proclamation No. 1237/2021

Up until publication of the Proclamation to Provide For Arbitration and Conciliation Working Procedure, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) – more specifically, arbitration – in Ethiopia lacked a detailed procedure and implementation mechanism. The newly introduced proclamation addresses/a …

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Ethiopia to introduce capital market which opens the door for foreign as well as domestic investors to register an investment bank

There has been a whisper in the past few years of the possibility for capital/stock markets to join the Ethiopian financial market. Now, thanks to a draft bill on capital markets that is pending approval, investors (local and foreign) could have the chance to join this sector. Which are the …

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Ethiopian Parliament approves new Commercial Code

The FDRE House of People’s Representative’s session on March 25th, 2021 has approved a draft bill to amend the 1960 Commercial Code. The new Code, which replaces the old Commercial Code in force for over 62 years, has been anticipated by practitioners and the business community for a v …

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Investment opportunities for the Ethiopian diaspora community

Foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin can contribute to the development and prosperity of their country of origin. Consequently, restrictions on foreign nationals regarding the use of economic, social and administrative services do not apply to foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin who hold an …

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Three new awards for BonelliErede at the Legalcommunity Corporate M&A Awards 2017 - 10 July 2017

BonelliErede received three new awards at the 2017 edition of the Legalcommunity Corporate M&A Awards held on 6 July. Following its recent success at the TopLegal Industry Awards, the firm was crowned “Pharma Corporate M&A Firm of the Year” thanks to the achievements of the Healthca …

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