Federico Alberto Cabona


  • International Arbitration, with particular expertise in:
    • Commercial arbitration
    • Investment arbitration
  • Key sectors:
    • Construction and infrastructures
    • International trade
    • Fashion and luxury goods
    • Military
  • Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish


  • Joined the firm in 2018
  • Interned at the Permanent Delegation of Italy to NATO


  • Member of the Italian Bar (2020)
  • Law degree from Luigi Bocconi University, Milan (2018)

Knowledge Sharing

The 2022 Overhaul of the Italian Arbitration Law

On 18 October 2022, Legislative Decree No. 149/2022, containing provisions modernizing the regulation of ADR tools in Italy entered into force. The Decree ushers in several material innovations to the Italian Arbitration Act and succeeds in correcting the most serious deficiencies of the Ita …

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Two more nails in the coffin of investment arbitration in the EU

Two recent decisions by the Court of Justice of the EU confirm the doctrine of incompatibility of investment arbitration with EU law and expand its scope to arbitral proceedings based on ad hoc arbitration agreements and multilateral treaties. Our

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ICC Arbitration Rules 2021

New Arbitration Rules of the ICC will enter into force on 1 January 2021 and will apply to proceedings commenced after that date. The 2021 Rules reflect the most recent trends in the industry (e.g., transparency, the digital transition, flexibility and streamlining of the proceedings), witho …

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Latest from the US

Recent US cases regarding discovery and challenges of award deserve attention. Our International Arbitration Focus Team comments US decisions on: Discovery under Section 1782 admitted for commercial arbitration The extraterritorial reach of discovery under Section 17 …

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The revised Milan Chamber of Arbitration Rules: Leading the way in arbitral procedure

On 1 March 2019, the Milan Chamber of Arbitration issued its revised Rules on Arbitration, which apply to all proceedings commenced after that date. The CAM Rules seek to incorporate the innovations that have emerged in the last decade, raising the CAM’s profile in the competitive arbitrat …

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