Anna Biasiolo


  • International arbitration and litigation, with particular focus on:
  • infrastructure contracts
  • commercial contracts
  • Key sectors:
    • energy
    • luxury goods
    • real estate

Foreign languages: English, French and Spanish


  • Member of the International Arbitration Focus Team
  • Joined the firm in 2012
  • Member of the Executive Committee of AIA-ArbIt below 40
  • Seconded to Procter & Gamble in Geneva (2016)
  • Worked for the law firm Hanotiau & Van den Berg in Brussels (2012)
  • Worked for a major Italian law firm (2009–2011)


  • Member of the Italian Bar
  • Master’s in international dispute settlement from the Graduate Institute of Geneva
  • Law degree from Cattolica University of Milan

Knowledge Sharing

Waiting for the much-desired Supreme Court’s clarification of Section 1782 discovery applications in international commercial arbitration

The discovery application in private international arbitration, as provided for under Title 28 of the U.S. Code, Section 1782, has been debated in US Federal Courts, with conflicting decisions from the Circuit Courts. The clarification from the U.S. Supreme Court in Servotronics Inc. v. Rolls-R …

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Recovery and Resilience Facility: intervention areas, procedures and EU law aspects

The facility is basically a fund to help the European economy recover from the economic and social impact of the pandemic and to make companies more sustainable, resilient and better prepared to face the challenges and opportunities with the transition to green and digital. The European Comm …

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EAIAC 2018: The Implications of Regional Investment Arbitration

On 30 August 2018 Laurence Shore, spoke at the 2018 East Africa International Arbitration Conference, which took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The topic of his presentation was “Towards Regional Investment Arbitration?” in Africa. He addressed three main issues concerning investor-sta …

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Ethiopia pushes on public private partnerships

Ethiopia has introduced a legal framework for public private partnerships to facilitate privately financed projects to support Ethiopia's grows: a clear process for private parties wishing to invest in specific public project in Ethiopia is now set. More details are available

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