Legal Risk, Compliance & Investigations

We were one of the first to understand the need for a multidisciplinary team who can handle anticorruption issues and corporate criminal liability.

We support companies to prevent possible fraud or corruption issues and to react promptly in the event of illegal conduct through professional internal investigation services.

Our Corporate Compliance services

Today our clients include globally-minded large and medium-sized Italian companies wishing to invest in simple yet efficient modern compliance programmes which go beyond the basic 231 Model.

We also assist multinationals looking to localize in Italy their compliance programmes and help them carry out due diligence investigations on target Italian businesses.

Corporate Compliance, our support to companies:

Anyone dealing with anticorruption issues has two key requirements:

  • First, to adopt and implement effective compliance programmes which prevent unlawful behaviour (preventive compliance).
  • Second, to react adequately and convincingly when unlawful conduct is discovered and judicial enquiries are conducted (reactive compliance)

We can we provide you the best support for both.

In terms of our approach to preventive corporate compliance, instead of long, complex procedures, we help you create a small package of fundamental rules, applicable in every country you operate in, which are easy to understand and apply. This boosts the programme’s efficiency and minimises complications for your business.

Corporate Compliance and Anti-corruption, our intervention:

Specifically, our intervention on the corporate compliance service includes:

  • Review of existing monitoring procedures with workshops for legal and compliance managers, working in tandem to improve and innovate
  • Assistance in drafting codes of ethics and streamlined procedures based on the latest guidelines and international best practice
  • Assessments and opinions on  corporate compliance programmes
  • Self-monitoring projects to assess the actual knowledge and application of compliance programmes
  • Training for front-line management
  • Due diligence on target company compliance for M&A operations

Anti-corruption and Internal Investigation

As regards reactive compliance, our unrivalled experience of managing prominent corporate corruption and fraud cases, achieved from 2009 to today,  allows us to help companies manage times of crisis and throughout the subsequent investigation, discontinuity and improvement processes. Our services are shaped to assist companies which, on discovering potentially unlawful conduct or being involved in judiciary enquiries, wish not only to defend themselves but also to react quickly, comprehensively, professionally and convincingly.

Our services:

  • Assistance and advice for management and supervisory bodies
  • Internal investigations
  • Disciplinary procedures for the parties involved
  • Liability actions
  • Improvement actions and monitoring of compliance programmes

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Our team stands out for its extensive expertise in the sector (Italian and G20 legislation, international guidelines and best practice), multidisciplinary approach (team members are experts in corporate, criminal, employment and privacy law) and our network of international partnerships with leading law firms around the world.
  • We have gained unrivalled experience working alongside large Italian and international groups on prominent cases and projects, not only in Italy but also in many critical countries, including Nigeria, Algeria, Kazakhstan, the UAE and China
  • We have unique experience in Italy, of not only creating corporate compliance programmes but also presenting them successfully to the authorities as part of enforcement proceedings, demonstrating each company’s effective response and good faith and mitigating the outcome of any past mistakes
  • We are also deeply committed to supporting public authorities design and enforce anticorruption measures and this adds to the credibility of the solutions we present to our clients