BonelliErede welcomes Fabio Elefante as of counsel

Fabio Elefante joined on 1 September 2014 as of counsel, bringing further expertise to the administrative law department. He practises from both the Rome and Milan office.

Fabio is a professor of public law at the La Sapienza University of Rome and previously worked as a lawyer for the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Avvocatura dello Stato) as an ordinary judge, most recently at the Italian Constitutional Court. He has also authored numerous monographs and articles on constitutional and administrative law.

He previously worked at the Rome law firm of Prof. Giuseppe Guarino and, thereafter, at a leading international law firm where he focused on administrative litigation.

Co-managing partner Marcello Giustiniani commented that, “The experience brought by Fabio Elefante, one of the youngest and most brilliant academics in public law, confirms that our organisation combines legal excellence with dynamism and innovation, including in our choice of professionals”.

Co-managing partner Stefano Simontacchi went on to add that, “This addition to our organisation re-affirms our determination to maintain leadership in all practice areas, based on a strategy of constant attention to the needs of our clients, who take centre stage in our plan to rejuvenate the firm”.