Best Friends

Becoming part of the Best Friends network – we’ve always been a member – boils down to more than just friendship. Best Friends are made in the field; they share the same culture of excellence and outright commitment to making a difference as a business partner. Members include leading firms from France (Bredin Prat), Germany (Hengeler Mueller), The Netherlands (De Brauw), the UK (Slaughter and May), Spain and Portugal (Uría Menéndez).

Our joint work has been recognised by the most prominent international guides, and together we lead the way in Europe.


Three principles, one approach:

See with clarity
It is fundamental to see our clients’ challenges in their full context. The business, market and jurisdiction must be
profoundly understood from the inside. Beyond pure law there are commercial, strategic and cultural issues to
take into account in order for the most effective legal advice to be given. Every jurisdiction, every client and every
situation is unique. Our international model is built on these things.

Respond with agility
Agility brings our clients what they seek most: insight and expertise where it counts. We build specific teams
according to individual issues and requirements, increasing effectiveness by putting the right minds in the right
place at the right time. The flexibility to do this gives our clients the highest quality advice possible.

Deliver coherence
Coherent advice that is focused and consistent at all levels and fully aligned across jurisdictions is invaluable to our clients, who are liberated to make decisions with greater assurance as a result. The level of communication and understanding between firms and with clients must run deep. This is what gives our agility real power. Coherence offers our clients
continuity, consistency and confidence.



The Best Friends


Bredin Prat

De Brauw

Hengeler Mueller

Slaughter and May

Uría Menéndez