Energy & Ecological Transition

The ecological transition is a topic of great debate and has continued to gain more steam. Today’s social and climatic conditions have made it clear that the ecological transition is not something just for the future – it’s also for the now. So we put together a team of experts in this field in all its forms.

Our Energy & Ecological Transition Focus Team aims to be the go-to team for all legal matters relating to the ecological transition – an ally of all clients, whatever business they’re in, as they face the challenges posed.

To work effectively in such complex sectors as energy, energy carriers, waste and water, and to understand their roles in the circular economy and ecological transition, thorough knowledge of the country and its institutions is a must. And that’s exactly what the focus team bring to the table.

The team members regularly work on complex and prestigious projects involving traditional energy, renewables, cogeneration, hydrogen and energy carriers, waste, water, and sustainable mobility (market first). They’ve come up with numerous innovative solutions that are considered pioneering in the field.

Providing legal services in a sector such as energy and ecological transition requires bringing together expertise from different practice areas. Clients expect advanced, multidisciplinary consultancy services with the timescales and approach that only a large, efficient law firm can provide. That’s why we have an Energy & Ecological Transition Focus Team.

Our service is truly all-encompassing: from assistance with extraordinary operations to advice and litigation support (in Italy and abroad) in the energy production, storage and distribution and grid markets, consultancy on EU law, and all the other services financial and industrial clients could ask of a law firm.

Our Energy & Ecological Transition Focus Team assists businesses in all areas of the green revolution and ecological transition: renewable energy and the circular economy, the use of hydrogen both in transport and in hard-to-abate sectors, and energy efficiency.


Here’s what sets us apart

  • Outstanding service in all areas of law relevant to this sector BonellieErede partners are ranked as leaders by the main international legal guides in corporate, contract, public and environmental law, project finance and antitrust sectors
  • Very strong ties with the financial and industrial communities in Italy
  • Expertise in dealing with the authorities and the public sector
  • Combination of academic experience and the expertise of a specialist boutique firm with the approach of a large international firm


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