ESG Insights | Between ethical finance and Italy’s mortgage crisis: exploring the potential of social value securitisations
10 January 2024

The ESG market has seen exponential growth at EU and national level. While most investment capital and regulatory initiatives have so far focused on environmental matters, social and governance aspects are now starting to join the central stage as a necessary means to achieve large-scale goals.

This is where social value securitisations can come into play, offering to ethical investors, such as impact investment funds, a great opportunity to generate positive environmental and social impact through a consistent and transparent investment strategy as well as measurable financial returns.

But how is this industry regulated? What conditions do securitisations need to meet to be labelled social value securitisations? And in which cases are social value securitisations going to be worth it for investors?

Our Debt Capital Markets Focus Team and our ESG Team break it all down – the legal framework, the goals of social value securitisations, the opportunities and the impact they may have, including in the context of the mortgage crisis currently affecting Italy – here.