Covid-19 in Italy: your legal guide to the main regulations and measures to combat the health emergency
7 April 2020

The sudden and unexpected spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the government, institutions and the local authorities to adopt increasingly complex laws, regulations, circulars and other interpretative documentation at breakneck speed. The aim is to reconcile the different needs at stake – with people’s safety taking top priority.

The last month has been marked by the progressive adoption of several significant measures, which are often difficult to coordinate with each other: a maze of rules, implementation measures, amendments, guidelines and interpretations, in which businesses can easily get lost.

We are conscious of the difficulties that businesses are facing – so our Covid-19 Task Force has pulled all the analyses from across the firm into a single vademecum, which is available for consultation here.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that our focus teams, practice areas and task force will continue to cover Covid-19 from all legal angles in newsletters and updates. To avoid bombarding you with never-ending emails, we will send you periodic emails attaching all our latest insights, including a link to our constantly updated archive.