BonelliErede is present in Ethiopia since 2016 and, effective as of 27 July 2017, cooperates with the Ethiopian law firm Tameru Wondm Agegnehu Law Office which is an integral part of the BonelliErede network.

Tameru Wondm Agegnehu Law Office in cooperation with BonelliErede offers a complete range of legal services to international investors and major local corporations, including contracts law, investment, corporate, commercial, construction, energy, employment, intellectual property including patent, trademark and copyright law, and international arbitration and litigation.

The office works in full synergy with our office in Europe, especially for specialistic advise and cross-national practices, and with the other offices in North Africa and Middle East (Egypt, UAE).

Our team in Addis Ababa is led by Gianpiero Succi, Partner at BonelliErede, and is composed of an integrated group of 7 lawyers, both Italians seconded there and Ethiopian professionals from Tameru Wondm Agegnehu Law Office.
The founder of the firm is Tameru Wondm Agegnehu: he has been practicing as a lawyer in Ethiopia since 1992, served as judge for 19 years and as Vice President of the Supreme Court in Ethiopia between 1988 and 1991. He is considered an institution in the local legal community.
Beyond Tameru, Weynalem Weldesenbet, local partner, has 5 years’ experience in advising clients on complex local law issues. He regularly assists international companies in Ethiopia. In addition, Weynalem has a great expertise in litigation and intellectual property. Seble Geberegiorgis Baraki, local partner, is also part of the team and she has a great expertise in intellectual property.