BonelliErede launches the sixth edition of its two scholarships in memory of Franco Bonelli

For the sixth year in a row, BonelliErede is granting two scholarships to deserving law students to honour the memory of one of its founders: Franco Bonelli.
The scholarships are for EU citizens who graduated in law and wish to deepen their studies in the subjects that Franco Bonelli addressed in his writings, e.g., company law and corporate governance, corporate anti-corruption rules, and environmental damage regulation. The first is to attend a master’s (LLM or similar) and the second to carry out a research programme (PhD or research for a book or article) at a European or US university.
The scholarship programme is again coordinated by Alberto Saravalle, partner at BonelliErede, who this year will have the pleasure of awarding the two scholarships to students from a brand-new, determined and brilliant generation of lawyers: Gen Zers. Professor Saravalle commented as follows:
These scholarships were created to pass on Professor Bonelli’s greatest professional interests, and this generational shift is proof that we are succeeding in our intent. As coordinator of this programme since its inception, I have been able to see for myself how determined the new generations of lawyers are in pursuing their goals, starting with a desire to deepen their training and specialisation in new and innovative ways.
Stefano Simontacchi, President of BonelliErede, added the following:
In these times of great change, skills and specialisation are more important than ever. New challenges and responsibilities await new generations of lawyers, who will need to rise to the occasion. This is exactly why we are investing in Gen Zers as they prepare to enter the world of work.
Applications must be sent to Marco Sinopoli at BonelliErede by 10 April (email:; post: Via Michele Barozzi 1  20122, Milan). Successful applicants will be chosen by a committee comprising professors Sabino Cassese (chair), Giovanni Domenichini and Piergaetano Marchetti, with the winners announced by 15 May.
The application details are available here.