BonelliErede announces the third edition of the Franco Bonelli scholarships
18 February 2019

To honour the extraordinary legacy of its founder Franco Bonelli, BonelliErede grants two scholarships annually to law graduates who wish to complete their studies in the subjects he addressed in his writings in a country other than their country of origin.

The first scholarship is for a master’s course (LLM or similar) of at least eight months at an EU or a US university. The second is for a research programme (PhD or research for a book or an article to publish) of at least six months at an EU or a US university.

The whole project is coordinated by Alberto Saravalle, on behalf of BonelliErede.

BonelliErede’s President Stefano Simontacchi commented: “We are very proud to launch the third edition of this important initiative. The two scholarships are a way for us to pay homage to the excellence that our founder Franco Bonelli pursued in his life and professional experience by offering young talent the chance to follow in his footsteps in search of constant improvement.”

Applications are open to Italian and EU citizens who obtained a master’s in law (or equivalent qualification) from an Italian or EU university before 31 July 2017 – with a score of at least 105. Candidates should also have adequate knowledge of the language of the country where they intend to study.

The scholarships will be awarded by a commission chaired by Sabino Cassese together with Giovanni Domenichini and Piergaetano Marchetti.

If you would like to apply, please send an email to Beatrice Moretti at or write to her at BonelliErede, Via Michele Barozzi, 1 – 20122, Milan. The deadline for applications is 30 April 2019.

More information is available here.