Serial Litigation

Litigation management is never easy, particularly when a great number of very similar positions accompany legal complexity. The strategy to adopt and the general handling of litigation cases cannot be left to chance; nor can they be defined in a superficial manner. The strategy needs to be established by professionals with the greatest expertise in the field. The rest can be achieved with a young-spirited, dynamic, reactive organisation that carefully applies the agreed general strategy to specific individual cases and to the different courts.

So how can you achieve all of this? Through a combination of diverse professionals with complementary skills and expertise, the careful monitoring of the cases, and the use of dedicated software. We create “made-to-measure” briefs for serial litigation – even in legally complex cases – whilst maintaining the level of quality that has always been associated with the name BonelliErede.

With beLab, BonelliErede is also at the fore in serial litigation management. We have used all our experience to prepare the models used to administer proceedings, and to instruct the dedicated software used throughout the entire process. We constantly provide all the professionals in the Serial Litigation business unit training that meets BonelliErede’s high standards. This training brings our professionals up against complex legal cases examined by our key experts.

We have considerable experience handling this form of litigation in the banking, financial and insurance sectors and in the gas and energy industries. We are expert in the employment law field, and in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings in general. We have detailed knowledge of proceedings brought before arbitration panels (including the Financial Arbitration Board).

Our strengths are a clear strategy, secure organisation, effective implementation and close monitoring.