Legal Support for Digital Innovation

It will be those more inclined to change, rather than the strongest or the most intelligent, who will survive, Charles Darwin claimed in the mid-nineteenth century. Things have changed considerably since Darwin’s time, but the principle remains as valid as ever, if not even more so today. We are in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, and we are keen to play an active role in the changes being witnessed by using our own transformation to aid that of our clients.

We follow the digital transformation of businesses in all sectors – from the banking sector to the automotive industry, from the world of fashion to that of energy production, to name but a few – during all phases of that transformation. We deal with contracts for the acquisition of technology with the specificities that the application of digital technologies and data enhancement systems requires. We also have considerable experience in the retirement of obsolete technology and the overall reorganisation of IT infrastructures.

Our combination of experience in the corporate sector (cooperation, joint ventures and sales of business units), in the IP field (IP licences covering technology and data), and in employment (smart working and delocalisation), tax and compliance, allow us to offer our clients solutions to the technological innovation projects and organisational changes they are faced with as a result of the digital transformation of their production systems.

We assist the most innovative businesses redesign their governance systems to create new business models concerning their production chain, employees and customers. We apply legal project management principles to work as effectively as possible in allocating resources and in supervising and monitoring operations. Large multinationals, SMEs and family businesses all receive our support. We dedicate time and attention to start-ups, particularly to the most promising ones in terms of their capacity to generate innovation.

The Legal Support for Digital Innovation business unit is strategic for us and also acts as an observatory: the ongoing research conducted here is shared throughout BonelliErede.

In this way, innovation never stops.