Corporate Transaction Services

What is required to correctly manage certain delicate phases of extraordinary transactions, such as due diligence investigations and the signing and closing of agreements, even when time is extremely limited? One thing we are sure of is that unpleasant surprises can be avoided by improving the management process.

New generation technology, specialised personnel, specific training and workflow management are at the heart of our project for the management of important phases of M&A and capital market transactions. In addition to due diligence investigations, we draft corporate resolutions and assist with the signing and closing of agreements.

Our strong point is that we look to the future: technology, legal project management and specific training are all provided to an organised, young-spirited and dynamic team working in a stimulating, innovative environment, where the focus is on the details and efficiency of the process. We are efficient in dividing up the work, in allocating resources, and in monitoring operations. To do so, we use digital tools designed specifically for you and for us. All of this amounts to an innovative, user-friendly service created based on the principles of legal design.

The benefits for our clients are self-evident and are guaranteed by BonelliErede’s considerable experience: its reliance on succinct yet complete documents with an emphasis on substance, presented in a simple, dynamic manner.

With beLab, our experience is blended with innovation, and barriers are removed to meet the expectations of a new generation of managers.