Compliance Management & Investigations

Do you need to achieve new levels of efficiency, simplicity and, above all, employee engagement in compliance management? Do you want to manage internal investigations more effectively and efficiently?

You can rely on our smart digital compliance solution to achieve all your compliance management goals.

Our Compliance Management and Investigation Centre is home to a team specialised in the digital transformation of compliance systems and the exploitation of AI in internal investigations. The centre’s unique combination of specialised staff and technology ensures clients unwavering assistance throughout the compliance life cycle and all the technical support needed during investigations.

In terms of compliance management, digital tools are at the centre of our approach. Our mission is to make all phases of the process pain free: from risk assessment and policy dissemination to the monitoring of employees’ adherence to policies. The digitisation of policies has a positive effect both inside and outside a business. That’s why our compliance management services begin with the digital transformation of all policies and related material. Another key focal point is how to make sure all the people involved are on board: engagement can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring the policies and procedures are adhered to day in and day out.

When it comes to investigations, the teams at beLab and BonelliErede work hand-in-hand to provide a seamless service from start to finish. We exploit advanced technology-assisted review software to help businesses create complex and voluminous document sets efficiently and to determine the scope of internal investigations quickly. From the initial crisis management phase to the development of defence strategies, the carrying out of internal investigations (inc. to find means of proof) and the identification of corrective/remedial actions, we are by our client’s side. All with the aim of preserving the client’s operations, reputation and, ultimately, value.

The team is also adept at training up highly specialised professionals across all sectors (be it industry, commerce, banking, insurance or financial brokerage), and regardless of the standards, certifications or ratings applied within the business (be it ISO 19600, ISO 37001, legality rating or business rating, to name but a few).

Leave the complexity to us and enjoy the benefits of a rediscovered ease of use!